Stop hiding,be the Hero you are.

There’s no champion without a challenge

The stage of life is not only for those who have academic degrees, but also for those who believe in themselves and live outside their comfort zones by turning their desires into destinies and laziness to leadership by the sacrifice of embracing the responsibility of what they envisioned.

— Evang. Albert Efosa Iyayomwangbe

When you trust in God with all your heart, you have the freedom and power to go beyond the limit of humanity. When they say you can’t do what you envision by the wisdom of God, you show them how it can be done by trusting in the power of Love because whatever is born of God overcomes human arguments. No circumstance can take away anything you have by faith.What you mean to do is what you make happen, and what you make happen determines your place in the stage of life. You are the hero/heroine The world is waiting for, arise and sing the song of your destiny, dance to the rhythm of the heart beat of your soul and make the world the theater of your vision to the glory of God.


You might not be born with a Golden spoon in your hand, the good news is that, you are created with a Golden mind and you can create it because a golden spoon was made by a Golden mind!

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